desktop_mobile_0001_Toujeo Pro Desktop with Mobile.jpg

Using the Toujeo HCP branding guide, I was the lead art director to create the entire launch site. From icons to callouts, page layouts, button styles and navigation, I created or art directed the visuals on the site.

desktop_mobile_0002_Toujeo Consumer Desktop with Mobile.jpg

I helped in creating the Toujeo consumer launch site. With the help of another art director, I worked with the layout of the site and kept it consistent with the Toujeo HCP aesthetic.

ILLUMA_detail_aid_IPAD3 copy.jpg
ILLUMA_detail_aid_IPAD2 copy.jpg

ILLUMA is a high-end milk formula, marketed to be closer to human milk than other formulas in the market. This e-detailer helps explain the benefits of ILLUMA through graphs and animations. I was the lead art director on this project and created all the visual designs. With the help of a UX director and a copywriter, I designed all the navigation, animations, charts, graphs, and button styles.


Rebif is an anti-inflammatory treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). This e-detailer helps sales associates explain to doctors the benefits and features of Rebif. With the help of a copywriter and a UX designer, I designed all the content within the e-detailer from table styles and navigation to buttons and graphs.